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Peing-Questionbox- is an application to ask and answer questions using SNS service


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Ask or take questions easily with SNS

Use SNS to easily ask questions and share answers in timeline!

Establishment day, Average 4 to 5 questions

We receive about 4 to 5 questions on average on 24 hours since opening newly.
1. Let's post when there are many people online!
SNS is the most commonly seen time is from 21 to 22 o'clock! If you post an answer or question posting at this time, you may get more questions!?
2. Don't Dispose all answers at one time!
When you answer the questions, it is also asked! Therefore, subdivision to answer the questions without responding at a stretch, the question is more likely to come.
3. Daily attractive connection!
I want to ask a question to this person! If you are trying to make something that you can think, nature and questions gather! Let's charming as you think!

Reliable function for NG word

You can automatically block questions if the questions contain slanderous. (Automatic blocking over 10,000 questions everyday!)

First of all, registration in 5 seconds!

※Agreement to Terms & Services and Privacy Policy is required

1. Create Questionbox and tweet your Questionbox URL
2. Your followers will submit questions anonymously to the Questionbox
3. Last but not least, answer the questions! (you can submit your answer as an image or a URL on Twitter)