Privacy Policy

Digitalmonkey Inc. (“Digitalmonkey”, “we”, “us”, or “our”), which operates Questionbox (“Service”), recognises the importance of keeping customer information safe, and will do our best to ensure appropriate management of data. We disclose below the policies in order to develop and maintain strong trust relationships with our customers.

Section 1: Customer Information

Our Service saves the following information:

Information such as an email address, used to notify the user when a question is received.

User ID and any other information the user has disclosed to the third party, in cases where the user has agreed to link third party accounts, such as the user's SNS account, to the Service.

Section 2: Collection of Customer Information

We will collect customer information in order to operate its functions, and when collecting information, we will either disclose the use of the information beforehand, or will either immediately notify the customer or disclose the information after collecting the information.

Section 3: Use of Customer Information

Digitalmonkey will use the collected information appropriately for purposes stated below:

  • For the provision of the Service
  • For the purpose of identification when a user logs in to the Service
  • To send email newsletters
  • For displaying advertisements (“ads”)
  • To send questionnaires regarding the use of the Service
  • In order to analyse data with regards to the customers’ use of the Service
  • For the purpose of running the system and corresponding to any failures/bugs
  • To disclose information to third-parties when required by laws and regulations

Section 4: Cookies

Cookies are data that is sent and received between your computer's browser and the server when you visit our website; Cookies are stored in your browser and may be viewed by the server. We use Cookies for the following purposes.

  • To confirm the customer's login status and to implement various functions of the Service
  • For researching the usage of our website and for advertising, marketing and service improvement.
  • For ad serving.

The Service includes the third party distributors including Google and Google's partners, and links to third party websites will be posted by the third party distributors who provide advertising services. Cookies are used to serve advertisements, and advertisements which the third party distributors considers are appropriate, are served based on user’s past visits to this site and information about visits to other sites. In addition, users can access the website of the third party and stop the delivery of advertisements that use cookie information, etc. by the third party. Users can also disable cookies by changing their browser settings.

Section 5: About Google Analytics

Some of our pages use Google Analytics, a service of Google, to understand how our customers visit the Site. When you use Google Analytics on our site, Google collects, records and analyzes your visit history on our site based on cookies issued by us. The information about you collected, recorded and analysed by Google Analytics does not contain any information that identifies you as a particular individual. Such information is also managed by Google in accordance with its privacy policy.

You can also disable Google Analytics in your browser's add-on settings to stop our use of Google An alytics from collecting information about you by downloading and installing the Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on from Google's Opt-Out Add-on download page and changing your browser's add-on settings. Please note that if you have disabled Google Analytics, the other websites you visit will also be disabled, but you can enable Google Analytics again by reconfiguring your browser add-on.

Please visit the Google Analytics site for an explanation of the Google Analytics Terms of Use, and Google's Privacy Policy for an explanation of Google's Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics Terms of Use:
Google's privacy policy:
Google Analytics Opt-Out Add-on:

Section 6: Provision of Customer Information

We will not provide customer information to third parties unless under the following circumstances:

  • The customer has agreed in advance
  • If we consider a user might harm third party's interests
  • Laws and regulations allows the provision of such information
  • When we have enough evidence to conclude that customer information must be disclosed in order to protect our rights, assets, services, etc., should the customer violate our Terms of Service
  • When it is necessary in order to protect one’s life, body, or assets, and receiving approval before hand proves to be difficult
  • When it is necessary in order to either promote the healthy development of youth or to improve public health, and receiving approval beforehand proves to be difficult
  • When it is necessary to cooperate to the government, a local public entity or a trustee carrying out affairs prescribed by the law, and receiving approval from the customer will hinder the success of the affair
  • When our business, including customer information, is transferred due to M&A, company split, business transfer, etc.

Section 7: Disclosure, Correction, and Suspension of use of Customer Information

We have set out the party responsible for the management of customer information below, as well as the point of contact for the disclosure, correction, request for the suspension of use of customer information, and complaints with regards to the handling of customer information below. Claims with regards to the above will be required to be done by the customer or by an attorney via written document (including electronic mails).

Party in charge of the management of customer information: Digitalmonkey Inc. CEO Yuki Amano

Point of contact for the disclosure, correction, request for the suspension of use of customer information, and complaints with regards to the handling of customer information: [email protected]

Should there be any requests by the customer or the attorney with regards to the disclosure, correction or request for the suspension of use of customer information, we will use appropriate measures to confirm the request which has been made by the customer him/herself, and will correspond in a rational and fast manner in compliance with the laws and regulations.

Section 8: Revision of the Privacy Policy

We retain the right to revise the Privacy Policy when necessary in order to protect customer information. The new policy will come in effect as soon as the revision has been made.